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Starting Monday, March 4, 2019, at 10:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern.

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Meet your host

Justin Marchegiani, DC

Your Host, Justin Marchegiani, DC

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Dr. Justin studied at the University of Massachusetts while at the same time starting off his health career working in a surgical center as he prepared for his medical school training. Working in the surgical field gave Justin a first-hand, up-close perspective into the healthcare system. He was able to see where it shined especially in the area of treating acute injuries and trauma and also saw its shortcomings, which were most evident in the areas of chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity which currently plague our society today.

This experience shifted Justin's focus from a traditional medical approach to a more functional or natural medical approach to healing, where the underlying cause of the patient's health issues are actually addressed and not just medicated and surgically removed.

Dr. Justin Marchegiani is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and Pre-medical studies. Dr. Justin has completed his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic Medicine from Life West University. Dr. Justin has completed postgraduate study in the area of clinical nutrition, exercise, and functional medicine so he can offer the most cutting-edge techniques to help address his patient's growing health care needs.

Dr. Justin works with a wide variety of patients all the way from athletes trying to increase performance and heal from injuries to the everyday person with chronic health problems. Using a holistic approach, addressing core underlying barriers to healing along with sensible lifestyle and nutritional changes nearly everyone can benefit from his care.


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Toxin, Thyroid and Female Hormone Connection from Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP

In this free video, learn:

  • Natural ways to detoxify and remove thyroid disruptors
  • Using coffee enemas to reduce toxins
  • Influence of female hormones on thyroid function

Lifestyle and Thyroid Health from Guillermo Ruiz, NMD

In this free video, learn:

  • Link between endocrinology, physiology and lifestyle
  • How lifestyle influences hormone health
  • Supplements to avoid if on thyroid medication

The Impact of Emotional Stress from Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA, MCNHC

In this free video, learn:

  • Effects of emotional stress on your thyroid
  • Adrenal and thyroid connection
  • Common emotional patterns in thyroid patients

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The Thyroid Reset Diet: eChapter

The Thyroid Reset Diet: eChapter by Justin Marchegiani, DC

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In chapter 1 of Dr. Justin Marchegiani’s new book, you’ll gain a new perspective on thyroid health. What does conventional medicine miss? What does functional medicine address? Discover the root cause of your thyroid health issues and how to create powerful, lasting changes to optimize your health.

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